Friday, January 15, 2010

Shawne Williams: Sellin' Drank

The recently acquired New Jersey Nets big man Shawne Williams was promptly released today after he was indicted on drug charges. As THIS ARTICLE points out, Shawne Williams was sellin' drank. Drank is a cough syrup based booze that Lil' Wayne has made so popular. Shit gets you fucked up for reals.

Thanks to Bethlehem Shoals for making the observation.


Hyland said...

AKA The Syzzzzur. DUH, 3-6 Mafia was sangin bout this shit before, well, probably before Lil Wayne was even born.

Sippin on the Syyyyzur (syrup)

The Nextian said...

Drank is TOTALLY different than Syyyzurp. But I think the point of the post is that an NBA'er was let go for selling this "drug". Has to be the first time ever. Also, as Shoals points out, do you think this is maybe why Birdman was suspended? Ha.