Thursday, January 28, 2010

OG Nextian = David West

I got this super sweet David West t-shirt-jersey on ebay. I won an auction and it was $4.99 total with shipping. I know you are all jealous because David West is a former All-Star and one tough mofo.

Word up to Barthy, btw.


Hyland said...

Next I want to see this jersey in ACTION. Like, pics of you doing layup drills and shit. That's the only thing that's gonna cut it.

The Nextian said...

OK. I just bought a sweet camcorder so you can consider this DONE. Is it OK if I do these drills at an outdoor court? Because if I start filming myself in the gym I may get my club membership lifted.

Turd Fergeson said...

I love David West and I love the way that shirt looks on you.

You look as happy as a pig in shit.

Hyland said...

You know what will be almost as awesome as my secret NBAnimation project? Someone filming the Nextians manager BBall game then us posting the highlights on here through youtube. Complete with Bilbo's real shot clock.

Okay? Okay!