Monday, February 9, 2009

Stats You May Have Missed: Weekend Edition

.........from the desk of CG Hyland.........

The ESPN tides have shifted to the NBA and boy are we ever in a tornado-de-force. With the Commercial Bowl, I mean, Super Bowl in the history books/wikipedia our American Sport Focus (henceforth known as ASF) is now on our precious NBA'ers. So does anybody really think it's a coincidence that Kobe then Lebron then The Big Three played at Madison Square Garden last week? Or what about Kobe -ahem- Lamar Odom beating the Cavs on Sunday handing the fateful Cleveland fans their first home loss of the season? This is no coincadink, my friends. This is why adwizards are paid the big bucks: to totally shift your focus without you even knowing what in the fuck is going on. Mind control? Not really but it's a decent attempt by ESPeN/Stern/ABC-TNT.

"Not so fast!" we Nextians say. This made-for-TV schedule was obvious from afar. What wasn't so obvious was that the Lakers were going to kick major ass without Bynum all the way through the trip (this is bigger than you think, so start thinking this is BIG. Do it!). But what was lost in the media orgy was a lil' diddy thrown up by my pal Ramon Sessions. So in case you missed it, R-Sess went for 44 points, 5 Rebounds and 12 assists in a loss (he plays for the Bucks) against the Too Cool for School Pistons. Sessions shot 72% from the floor and 86% from the line. Insane in the Membrane? Si.

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Hyland said...

The bucks are sooo smart starting Ridnour instead all season though. Don't you think?