Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, can we have Thunder back?

Since the Oklahoma City Thunder officially unveiled their new super furry mascot named "Rumble" today, can the Warriors have their Thunder mascot back? I really miss that guy. Maybe we can just give him a new name. We can call him Lightning.

Here's Rumble with the HOT OKC cheerleaders. What a playa:

Rumble is a hit on the drums!

And if you think that Rumble can't ball, well then you're retarded. This furry guy can sky!


Hyland said...

Uhm, that's teen wolf

Tommy said...

I saw on PTI that he missed his first two dunks as the mascot. One was a backflip off of a 20 foot ladder though so you have to give him credit for trying. Maybe next time he'll upgrade to a steel cage dunk.