Monday, February 9, 2009

Slow-Mo Cheerleader Dance

Maybe this has been the reason why we rarely ever see hot shots of cheerleaders on TV while we're watching takes commentators out of their professional state?!

It makes sense, commentators for NBA, NFL, etc. would be sitting there jiber-jabbing away, then boom the camera man cuts to some sexy cheerleaders doing some hot, sexual innuendo dance. They would be pausing and stuttering all the time on live television. It never made sense to me why we rarely get to see cheerleaders doing their thang when cutting to a commercial or during a timeout, but I think I may have just figured out why. Imagine Jim Barnett going, "and the Warriors keys to the game are....and the warriors, uhm, uhhhh, and the keys to the...uhhh....are..." Ahaha, I think any straight guy would lose focus of what they're doing if they start seeing some 21 year old hottie dropping it like it's hot all of the sudden in some skimpy shit! Well, maybe not Jeff VanGundy.