Thursday, February 5, 2009

You Know Why? Cuz He's an All-Star!

In an attempt to live up to Tommy's excellent Ping-Pong post and in an effort to get on the Association-wide "It's All-Star Weekend in Phoenix!" tip, I wanted to post a little diddy promoting the 1989 NBA All-Stars:

I advise you all to watch, but more importantly, listen to the full 9:15 of this video. The lyrics are amazing and very insightful into the skills of the 1989 All-Star members. Let's take Chris Mullin:

"Chris Mullin, the Great from Golden State
Try to stop his jumper, it's too late!
He gets the ball, and then he starts releasin'
His POTENTIAL and points start increasin'
You know why?
Cuz he's an All-Star"

Every time I'm sad I listen to this video and it brings out my inner Tom Chambers. Thanks to Free Darko.


Tommy said...

Ahem....MATT's ping pong post? Give credit where it is due - TOMMY!!!!!.

The Hylands said...

Done. Thanks for the post Flounder.