Friday, February 20, 2009

Amare's Eye Hole

Amare's eye has been all the rage this year! A pre-season cornea injury had him slowed but he took his HGH and it didn't take long for him to be back on point with his 20/20. Last week, Phoenix was propping S.T.A.T The Great to be traded as Amare wanted to go somewhere where he could be "respected" (pulling a Marion). There were really only two or three suitors since most NBA teams like their centers to actually try on defense. But there were definitely many serious offers. And now yet another eye-hole injury on Tuesday leads to surgery with S.T.A.T. being out 8 weeks. Oh, the horror!


This recent injury could have been avoided if Amare didn't think he was too cool for the in-game Oakley Blades he rocked at the beginning of the season (enlarge picture below). What a fool! If he wore the fashion friendly Oakleys on Tuesday, S.T.A.T. would have been fine for the Sun's race for the 8th seed out West and all the glory that comes with getting swept by the Lakers in the 1st round. But nooooo. Now the Suns are stuck with Shaq (they didn't trade The Big Cactus because they knew Amare was hurt), a former Clippers Head Coach, and a broken down old-assed Canadian point guard. 7 Seconds or Less seems so, so long ago. (tear)

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