Friday, February 13, 2009

TMN-Harrington: Retard

Video of TMNT Harrington's "Dunk-chin up-glass slap = Technical" doesn't seem to exist. But this picture does:

Frank Isola of the Daily News writes about Harrington's terrible 48 hours:

Bad to worse for Harrington
February 12, 2009
Al Harrington had a 48 hours unlike any we’ve seen in a long time. First, he slanders his former coach, Don Nelson, saying that Nelson has a history of ruining players' careers. He then incites the hostile crowd in Golden State by waving his arms and booing them. He then scores two second-half points in a game where the Knicks allowed 144.

The following night in Los Angeles, Harrington commits the knucklehead play to end all knucklehead plays when he hangs on the rim and slaps the backboard after his dunk gave the Knicks a three-point lead with 25 seconds to go.

Of course, Harrington was whistled for a technical foul, paving the way for the Clippers to force the game into overtime and eventually hand the Knicks their sixth straight loss.

Which brings us back to last week when following a loss to Cleveland, Harrington called it a “feel-good loss.” That’s easy for him to say, he scored 39 points. Harrington accused the media of twisting his words (now, you tell me how can the phrase “a feel-good loss” be interpreted any other way?).

No, Harrington's comments made him sound as if he’s in it for himself and then over the last two games he proved just that. Harrington has a lot of talent and he plays hard but the Knicks could use more leadership out of him.

Then again, this is what happens when you depend on hired mercenaries. Harrington was acquired because of his expiring contract in 2010. There is no emotional attachment between the Knicks and Harrington. They are using him and he is using them to get a better contract. Neither side is wrong.

Thankfully the Warriors traded away the supremely selfish Ninja Turtle. Oh how he has lost his way since Splinter's teachings.

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