Monday, February 9, 2009

RIP Thunder

I am still distraught over the loss of our b-boy Golden State Warrior mascot, Thunder. In almost a decade with the Warriors, he became a legend with his sweet moves, totally toned blue body and ability to blow up into a huge air-filled version of himself and continuously head-butt people with the opposing teams jersey on. I doubt he is having as much fun as he did in Oakland with those lame-ass Oklahoma City fans.

And the worst part is is that we are halfway through the 08-09 season without a doppleganger. Thunder was one of the best mascots in the NBA, and now there is nothing that can replace his majesty. So, F-U Oklahoma City for stealing our guy.

In remembrance of Thunder, check out this melodramatic video made by some shit head with snippets of Thunder dominating Atlanta's Harry the Hawk on the d-floor.

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