Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anthony Randolph; Future HOF'r

According to "Lost Soul" Lamar Odumb, Warrior rookie Anthony Randolph has "Hall of Fame potential". I'm wondering if he would have had the same praise had the Warriors not choked in the 4th quarter and the Lakers happened to lose. But I'm sure AR will still accept the great praise:


AR baited Odumb into a technical in the early going and the war was ON. AR went off for 14 points and 12 rodmans in about 28 minutes of action. Odumb, who has been greatly fired up as of late, scored 22 with 7 boards in just about the same amount of playing time. But their battle really heated up on this over-the-back foul by AR where Lamar takes it the extra step by squat-launching Anthony's slender frame onto the hardwood. Thankfully, Anthony was wearing those incredible McDavid impact shorts which have saved many an impact injury these last few years in the NBA. That's another story.

But screw those homer Laker announcers for saying that AR was crying. For a kid with a perma-scowl, his actual "I'm pissed off!" face looks pretty bad:

Thanks to Bilbo T. Baggins for pointing out the vid.

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