Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kobe's 61 Performance

Below is a great point-by-point Laker Announcer recap of Kobe's 61 at MSG last night. They replayed the game on NBA TV today which should be pretty sweet to check out on the ole' DVR/TiVO. But notice how many mid-range jumpers off of the dribble he's able to hit. Nothing short of radi-cool. And the crazy reverse pivot for points 58 & 59 was damn tight. Just a new move in The Mamba's ever-evolving artillery.

But the best part of the clip is at the end when Kobe pretends like he had no idea that he beat MJ's "double nickle" 55 point opponent record or Bernard King's 60 point all-time MSG scoring record. What first makes you totally respect the man's game and style on the court suddenly evaporates into a douche-y mist with retarded comments like that. Jeezuz Kobe. Give me a break.

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