Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cetics on the hunt for Starbury

The Celtics are scared. Scared shitless that they don't have a bench this year. No James Posey. No PJ Brown. They're so scared that they are legitimately thinking of signing the most crazy of crazy assed muthafukaz: Stephon Marbury.

I haven't been a fan of the new Celtics. First of all, they lucked into KG. McHale just handed him over. If the ping pong balls fell where they should have, the Celtics would have never traded for Shuttlesworth and KG as they would have had the 1st pick and a hobbled, underachieving Oden on their hands and sour puss PP (Paul Pierce). They bully teams around with scowls on their faces, KG picks fights with weak foreign guards, and Doc Rivers says the most retardedly basic things to the media. I honestly don't think he coaches other than finding that whole "Ubuntu!" thing last year. The Sportsfag is a homer for them, Boston has been winning WAY too much for their own good in all major pro sports, and all of the brand new "B" Sox hats and KG Celtics jerseys I see around SF frustrate the living hell out of me. So I hope they do "sign" Starbury for the veterans minimum pro-rated (by the way, Starbury is getting $150,000 a day for the remainder of the season from the Knicks). No championship this year with that crazy assed karma.

To remind you all how insane Steph is, please re-watch the video below. My favorite lines from a high as a kite Marbury include:

"I'm goin' for like 12, 13 dimes.....2 assists"
(cell phone rings) "oh, that's my better half"...long pause...."my wife"
near the end of the clip "yeah! yeah! I wanna see spittle on your mouf!"

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