Friday, June 19, 2009

Your (not mine) 08/09 Lakers Celebrate

Congratulations to the 08/09 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers. A few days ago the "team" celebrated in LA as Kobe wore a different t-shirt signifying his 4 championship rings. Thankfully, he's all about the team just enough to win the title but not enough to include himself with his teammates.

Ladies & Gentlemen: Your (not mine) 08/09 NBA Champion Los Angeles Laker Fans! Complete with sleeve tats, $200 vintage-yet-brand-new Ray Bans, Blu Tooth hangin' off the ear, and Kobe jerseys. How proud does this make you feel?

Goofy 7' Euro Center dances with pinheaded 6'4" American Shooting Guard. Gasol was huge this playoffs. Too bad he didn't get to shoot more than 11 times per game.

And without further ado, your 2009 NBA Playoff Bracket Results! With a tremendous leapfrog, Steve Strain banks a 19 with the Laker pick to move into 3rd place winning him Backstreet Boys Tickets. Congrats! Matt cruised to the championship picking the winner in 14/15 matchups (like everyone, he picked the Cavs to make the Finals). I picked 13/15 matchups and my game guessing narrowed the gap, but it wasn't quite enough. Please feel free to have Matt buy you a few rounds at the bar next time you see him as he wins $1,576.00. Nice work, bro (literally):

102 Points: Matt
100 Points: Cam
89 Points: Straino
81 Points: BK
76 Points: Nikki
74 Points: Ryan
66 Points: Nate
65 Points: Fed
63 Points: Scott S.
62 Points: Todd
60 Points: Bilbo, Pablo
59 Points: Toomie

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Hyland said...

Booyes! What did you do, bring the buy-ins to Vegas? I need the money to buy you a berfday present, so can I have it this week?