Friday, June 12, 2009

Nextian Bracket Update

Hello Players of the Game. Many have asked and I have finally listened. Here are the updated Nextian NBA Bracket Playoff Challenge points. Movement in the standings will be had depending on when the Lakers finish off the Magic. But it looks like Matt will take this thing and Cam (me) will finish in 2nd (we both picked the Lakers to win the finals 4-3). The only race left is for the Backstreet Boyz tickets for the 3rd Place Finisher!

Numbers tell stories:

84 Points: Matt
82 Points: Cam
72 Points: Todd
70 Points: Straino
66 Points: Nate
65 Points: Fed
63 Points: Scott Snider
62 Points: BK
60 Points: Pablo, Bilbo
59 Points: Toomie
57 Points: Nikki
55 Points: Ryan

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