Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2008 Beijing Olympics Gold Medal Game

The 2008 Men's Basketball Gold Medal Game in Beijing between the US and Spain is fun to look back on when thinking about the NBA Finals going on right now:

1. Kobe and Dwight were on the same team
2. Kobe and Gasol were on opposite teams
3. Gasol and Dwight did some serious battle
4. Ricky Rubio sliced and diced all game long (likely #2 pick in the draft)

You can find a full HD replay below. After the commercial "enlarge" the video, then click on the "Most Watched" eyeball on the left and you'll be able to find the game. A good watch if you didn't get up a 5:00am to watch the matchup live last summer


Commenting on the NBA Finals is futile at this point so spend some time on a great game that you probably missed.

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