Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Artie Lange on HBO's "Joe Buck Live"

Yada yada yada. Yeah, The Nextian Challenge is over. Yeah, Matt won, I came in second and Tommy came in third (Cher tix). I'll have those results up in a minute/day. So hold tight. I'm still scouring through finals pics and want to have a memorable post for all the homeboys to feast on.

This summer I imagine this blog to take on a role of posting whatever it wants. And in this vein, here is a link to the only place on the net that has a video of Joe Buck's new show on HBO where Artie Lange of Howard Stern blasts him a new one. I have heard that there was more said regarding Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson but Home Box Office has taken everything down from Youtubes. I advise you to enjoy watch this and cringe knowing that Lange has recently lost 45 pounds:

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