Friday, June 12, 2009

While We're On The Hip-Hop Tip....

I can admit to being out of "the game" now every since The Game released his first album in 2005. When it comes to hip-hop I have been taught not to fully trust what is on the radio or pimped on TV even though I initially might like what I'm hearing. This stems from fear of enjoying a track that's classified by people who know more than me as "wack". I've been safe in the aughts (the 2000's) by purchasing Dr. Dre 2001, OutKast albums, every Kanye album except his recent pile of garbage, Jay-Z's releases, some Lil' Wayne. If I've gone underground it has been for an album or two by The Coup, Clipse (if that's even considered "underground") and Ghostface Killa (harking back to my college day infatuation with Wu-Tang). So I pretty much have averaged two albums a year in hip-hop "purchases".

So what the hell is wrong with me? Does it have something to do with my age and lack of time to seek out new jams? Or has the industry just spewed garbage for nearly 10 years?

For answers to these questions, I turn to people who know more than me. Check out a great Hip-Hop analysis post (and enjoy many others mostly revolving around the NBA) from the Straight Bangin' Blog:


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