Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lil' Wayne Loves Kobe

A.K.A.- Mr. Make It Rain on them kutz!

OK, enough dropping LW lyrics of from the #2 album of 2008. Let's focus on the Lil' Wayne lyrics of this week. The cough syrup drinkin', auto tone abusin' rapper has released a song called "Kobe Bryant". You may have seen Mr. Lil' Wayne on First Take with Skip Bayless and at Laker games cheering on his favorite player. And now he has come full circle by writing a very timely track about Black Mamba.


If I was still in High School and cared ever so deeply about my favorite recording artists, I might give-a-shit about Lil' Wayne downgrading himself as a Kobe suckler. But now I'm old and could care less outside of the pure comedy aspect. Jeff, anyone in the OC bumping this track in their black Denali's with 24's and tinted windows? Probably.

UPDATE: Jeff, if you want to download this song and don't mind a few pop ups and advertisement's you can grab the track HERE

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