Friday, June 12, 2009

Mutha *uckin Gay Fish!

Here is a nice song from a South Park episode about 2 months ago. The episode featured a fake Kanye West not getting a joke the whole town of South Park got: "Do you like Fish Dicks? (said like fish sticks)?" Answer: Yes. "Then what are you, a gay fish?" Ahahhaah, I'm sure you get it. Well in this episode they ripped on Kanye for 23 minutes straight about not getting the joke when he is a self proclaimed genius.

Long story short, he thinks people keep calling him a gay fish because he indeed does love fish sticks. So at the end of the episode he thinks he has a vision of his real self as a gay guy whole likes other male fish, and decides to embrace his new life. The song at the end was cut off short...but I found it on YouTube...enjoy.

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