Monday, June 1, 2009

Mo Williams & His RC Car

Mo Williams of the Cleveland Cavs has it right on. If there ever was a clearer explanation to how this Cavs team feels right now, this is it. As you most likely know by now, Lebron James stormed off the court after the loss not congratulating the Magic. He then got dressed in 5 minutes, put his headphones on, and sat on the team bus not wanting to talk to teammates, friends, business partners or the press.

Here is Mo's quote after Saturday's loss to the Orlando Magic when asked if he had spoken to Lebron:

"I haven't talked to him yet. He's just disappointed. It's like you're at Christmastime and you want that remote control car. You've been begging your mom for the whole time, and Christmas comes, and you open up a present and you open up another present, another present, and you never see that remote control car. You can have 10 presents, but if you don't have that remote control car, you're going to be sad and disappointed anyway."

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