Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Good Blog -- Gone

For the few months that this blog put out new and original content, it was very awesome. But they stopped writing material and ever since 4/29/09 we have had no new posts on "Stop Romanticizing The Favela". And that is very sad.

I still check the site weekly in hopes that they come up with something fresh, but for 45 days it has been nothing but re-reading the same awesome posts I originally fell in love with. And although I hesitate to pass this inkling of a diddy of a blog onto my "vast" universe of Nextians, I feel like you should at least enjoy what is here as SRTF has likely coughed up it's last post. If there ever was a reason for blogs to exist........ RIP, Favela.

Enjoy the link below to a fantastic stream of consciousness ramble:


If you can dig this, don't hesitate to get a kick out of the Rumor Hutches and other genre's of peeps and how the NBA plays in their lives. Hilarity ensues.

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