Friday, December 12, 2008

LA Gear

Twenty years ago, LA Gear hit the ground running. They put tons of dollars into marketing strange looking sneakers with a combination of Air Jordan and Keds influences. Heck, even Magic Johnson was pimping these fu-fu kicks. Speaking of fu-fu:

Well, LA Gear is back with twenty year anniversary kicks that have a striking similarity to the Air Jordan III's (in both price and look).

And if you don't remember what made LA Gear so amazing, it was their commercials that their marketing department no doubtedly claimed as "next level" and "forward thinking".

LA Gears will get you laid!

And this commercial gives LA Gear some serious "street" cred for guys who play basketball at night (drunken Markwith):


Hadleigh said...

That would be the Jordan IV's, not the III's. I own both. I am awesome.

Turd Ferguson said...

The last time I played basketball at night was when I hooked up during hell week.