Monday, December 29, 2008

Chris Paul's Sexy Pits

Two hilariously weird CP3 Right Guard commercials dropped this weekend. A combination of laughter and deuce chills engulfed me when I first saw them which had me pre-rank the spots a "7" on the Nextian Scale of Hilarity with further review needed. I then searched the memory coffers and realized that this sh*t was totally ripped off from a combination of the Conan O'Brien Show (mouth put on still picture) and the Lil' Penny Commercials of the '90s (black guy/Chris Rock voice speaking crazy). Therefore, the NSH rank immediately drops to a 4: still funny but ripped off BIG TIME. What do these Ad-Wizards take us for anyway? We're Nextians, goddammit! Anyway, enjoy the spots for what they're worth:

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