Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nextian Theme Music

If you guys haven't heard of Girl Talk then you've really been missing out. Think DJ-Z Trip's Uneasy Listening on CRACK. So many sweet mashups of Von Waldburg's favorite Hip-Hop songs paired with Hinkey's 80's CD collection. Oh yeah, Girl Talk's "Feed The Animals" placed #24 on Rolling Stone's best albums of the year for 2008.

So here's a "your welcome" in advance for directing you to the artist website where you can download the MP3's HERE. You can throw a few dollars the DJ's way to thank him for the vicious sampling of many awesome songs or just put $0.00 in the honesty box and get the muthafucka for free.

This is the album we'll be rocking at the Nextian B-Ball game in the Spring. It should also be the background music to any NBA game that you are watching where you don't want to listen to the bullshit announcers talk about needless information.

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