Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kevin Garnett: Dickhead

KG has always been one intense dude. The primal screams, the non-stop effort and an insatiable will to win have always been his trademarks. But has KG become a total dickhead? After winning the championship with the Celtics last year he has done some strange things this season during games. Recent posts show how he made the Big Baby Davis cry on the bench during a recent matchup. And in early November I posted a video of KG clapping in the face of Jose Calderon (since it was an old post, here's what I'm referring to):

But take a look at the brief glimpse of Garnett getting down on all 4's to taunt rookie PG Jerryd Bayless of the Portland Trailblazers last Friday. To me, this firmly classifies his Dickhead Factor as "Completely Over The Top":

Turd, the Crazy Points for your team just keep adding up.

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