Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Belinelli Show!

So, I went to the $10 ticket game (more like $18 after all fees, sweet!) I posted about, and how sweet it was. This was a close game at half, Warriors were up 5 points, 55-50. Then, they were only up 1 at the end of 3. For some reason Nelson decided to go with Turiaf and Belinelli for almost the entire 4th Quarter, not the mention the 2nd half. He must have had an extra Whiskey on the rocks last night at halftime, but it sure did pay off.

Johnny and I were thinking what the hell is going on with Crawford and Biedrins on the bench! Especially since I'm so used to Crawford's dope stats on now 2 of my fantasy teams...fuck! Anyway, this turned out to be The Belinelli Cometh! I've heard he can do the things I saw last night, but have never witnessed them as Nelson never plays his ass. Beli was driving under control, no look dishing, hitting shots from all over the floor, it was great. This was the most poised and confident I have seen him in a Warriors uniform. The Dubs ended up dominating the 4th Quarter 37 to 15 to win in classy fashion 119-96....2 in a row baby. I hope Nelson remembers this night in his drunken stupor and thinks to put Beli in more often.

Also, in case you didn't see Belinelli's night capped off by his behind the backboard, Michael Jordan-like shot, which appeared as number 7 on last night sports center top 10, take a look at this awesomely made video I found on Youtube:


Monta's Moped said...

Quick question: can you tell me about some of Belinelli's moves that were awesome-er than he had in this game when he wasn't wearing a Warriors Jersey? Sounds like you may have some sweet Euro League knowledge.

Hyland said...

just video shorts I've seen on youtube.