Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Game Predictions: Carmelo Anthony 12/2/08

Quick prediction by your Cammish: So Carmelo Anthony was hurt last game by aggravating his sore right elbow. It was so sore that he couldn't shoot, dribble, lift his toddler so Kiyan, or tip back his 40 oz in his car right before he turned on the ignition to drive home. This game was on Sunday (two days ago), by the way.

Melo missed the first two games of the season as apart of his team imposed suspension for drunken driving last season. In his first game back he shot 5/15 from the field and hasn't looked back since. His shooting percentage so far is 39.9%.

10 bucks says that Melo shoots under 30% tonight. My only caveat is that he must at least hoist 5 shots before calling it quits and going on the IR. Thankfully, I have Melo on my fantasy basketball team.

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Monta's Moped said...

Fcuk, I was wrong. The reverse jinx worked and he shot 47.4 % for 23 points.