Thursday, December 18, 2008

Raymond Felton to the Warriors? please no

I saw this article on yahoo sports. This would be the fuckin dumbest trade! The Warriors do NOT need another Guard, WTF! For young talent that they need to develop into good forwards. Does anyone else think this sounds horrible? Didn't Nelly already write this season off as a re-building year? Why fuck up the future to appease the true-point guard nay sayers? Monta will come back....not like he's a true point guard....but c'mon, Felton?! The 'cats brought in Augustin to take his spot, so he decided to play this year a little to stay on the floor......a LITTLE...... : (

Thu, Dec 18 The Bobcats and Warriors have had discussions that could send Felton to Golden State in a trade for Anthony Randolph or Brandan Wright, the Charlotte Observer reports.

Recommendation: Golden State has been searching for a pure point guard since they lost Baron Davis to free agency over the summer.


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Monta's Moped said...

But with Felton, Nellie could impose an incredible Crawford/Felton/Ellis combo on the perimeter with Jackson at the "4" and Biedrins at the 5. Unstoppable Baby!

Most Retarded Trade Idea EVER