Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dwayne Wade abuses the Grizzlies

You gotta love this video of Dwayne Wade taking out the future of the Grizzlies in one swift crossover dribble. Talk about pulling the rug out from underneath Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo:

Thankfully, OJ Mayo is currently the top ranked fantasy rookie in basketball. He's even ahead of Rudy Gay. Heck, he's even ahead of Kevin Love (aka "Splash") who Kevin McHale geniously traded OJ for in the pre-season. On a related note, Kevn McHale had his GM title stripped and is now sucking the life out of the Timberwolves from the bench as their coach. Maybe someday Love will learn that the McHale up and under move. Then we can call it the Love Up and Under. But probably not.

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