Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's Get Political

I have a good idea on the political beliefs of most Nextians. Let's just say that we are very diverse and a few of us are some weird ass mofos.

Tuesday's Election obviously brought out a lot of emotion from many people. If you weren't emotional in some way (good or badd) then there's obviously something wrong with you. Either that or you're a robot/machine. Sex Machine? I digress.........

I was reading THIS ARTICLE in the NY Times which immediately caused me to youtube Oprah's show where she's prentending like she's not praying for a cabinent position and hunt for the clip of the infamously oblivious Sherri Shepherd of Barbara Walters' "The View" fame.

Unintentional Comeday Scale: 9/10 at least. Crazy Points? 8/10

Sherri Shepherd saying that she liked Palin because she also has a child with needs is like Matt saying that he supported McCain because they are both bald. No Limitations!!!

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