Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nextians at Dubs Game: 11/7/08

4 Nextians manned/sacked up and made their way to rOracle for the Warriors vs. Grizzlies game. The Dubs looked to avenge their loss in Memphis earlier in the week and our crew was doing all it could to cheer the Wardogs to victory. Props to Matt, Toomie, Bilbo and yours truly (Cammish) for making time for fun.

Bilbo emptied his closet and outfitted the crew in Warriors Jerseys. Matt got the Stack Jack jersey, I rocked the 15 year old Spree Jersey, and Jamesbo kicked it with the Mullin retro. Cammish/I got up in the aisle during one of the timeouts and made it onto the flex cam. Why do I keep posting photos of myself wearing tank tops when my pipes are about as undefined as when I was a toddler? Some questions are better left unanswered.

The light beers were tasty, the tailgate doggs on Bilbo's mini-Q were delish, and the fun had was scrumptious. But no matter how hard we cheered, drank, or flexed our biceps we could not will the Warriors to victory. Well, at least Anthony Randolph got in the game and looked pretty solid.
We had such a good time that we promised to throw another Nextians event soon. Clear your schedules because there's NBA shenanigans to be had.

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