Thursday, November 6, 2008

Association Pictures and Observations: 11/5/08

Stevie Franchise showing his support.........while not suiting up again.

Pretty cool picture of D-Wade taking Iggy off of a Udonis pick. But I'm more mystified by the lack of crowd in Miami. Where are all of their awesome fans in white t-shirts we saw back in '06?

Do you think K-Mart always throws the Bugs Bunny teeth while dunking?

KG knows that "ANYTHING'S POSSIBBBBBLLLLE!" and endorsed the President Elect on his sneaks.

Wow, here are some good game faces from B. Wright and JR Smiff.

If you take away the old/new basketball in Bosh's left palm it looks like Chris and Rasheed are dance-fighting the Capoeira.

It's official: Birdman is not a good NBA ballplayer as Biedrins owned him last night. Thankfully, his tatoos are epic.

Shaq asked Kobe how is ass taste. Baron drops the follow up jam titled "Kobe, How My Nutz Taste?"

K-Mart is about .4 seconds away from getting slapped in the face by AB.

I love how Amare is wearing Oakley Blades during the games this year. So fresh. A shout out to the excellent Pacer defense last night (Amare went for 49).

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Hadleigh said...

My favorite new addition to The Birdman's Tattoo arsenal...

He has SCREW YOU across his fingers.