Thursday, November 13, 2008

how did i miss this

i love shaq pushing t-mac. yao even falls in slow motion.

first calderon and KG, now barnes and the rockets. my team is a bunch of badasses. all i need is nate robinson to flip out.

(apologize if the video doesnt work. cant f'ing figure out why.)


Monta's Moped said...

Barnes pops Alston on the pic. They get in eachothers face. Nash comes to help out and T-Mac Pushes him down. Shaq pushes T-Man down. Shaq pushes Yao down. Shaq pushes Alston down. After Alston stands up he takes a swipe at Nash after Nash stood up. Barbosa holds Nash back as he pretends like he wants to get after it (reminds me of Melo's retreat last year).

Good stuff! Thanks JeffVW

Bilbo Baggins said...

What you missed was that T-Mac pushes Nash as he is falling down and can't defend himself. Then Alston tries to punch Nash in the face while he is on the ground. You can see the cut on Nash's neck, presumably from Alston long fingernails. And the reason you don't see Artest is becuase three assistant coaches for Houston physically moved him to the locker room when this fight started. That last part may or may not be true.

Hyland said...

Nice, I hadn't seen this yet! Look at Shaq hold down the house. That guy must weigh 350 nowadays.