Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nextians of Halloween

It was great to see so many Nextians out on All Hallows Eve. Had (Jerk Store) caught me (Cammish) on Vallejo Street walking the dog while wearing half of my douchebag costume. I then moved on to Nextian Anthony Rossi's pad (Pablo's Co-Manager of 5 Brothers) for a light beer centric pre-party. Pablo "Escobar" Fitting was representing his hometown of Medallion, Columbia:

Toomy (Strange Range) was crushing beer cans and shooting them into the recycling bin all night long:

Matt (Quality Shots) and I (Defending We Got Next! Runner Up) were in full effect in our My New Haircut attire. Matt represented the "Jaegah Bombs" sceen while I was all over the "Yeah I grunt when I get my swool on at the gym" outfit.

Tommy (Nudie Mag) and Cam (Monta's Moped) decided to be the same douchbag with MuscleMilk, night time sunglasses and tanner. We just wanted to show everyone how jacked and tan we were.

Anyone else have some solid pictures of themselves from Halloween? Let's see 'em.


Hadleigh said...

Sorry Cam, but you look neither jacked or tan. Fail!

Monta's Moped said...

FU. For a Scot-Fin Manboy, I'm pretty friggin' tan!

Hadleigh said...

Now Frankie, that pup is jacked and tan...