Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Warriors Salary Swap: Anthony Morrow for Dorrell Wright

Recent Heat scrapheap salary dumb "victim" Dorrell Wright is close to signing with the Warriors for 3 years, $11.4 million. The deal for Dorrell is very similar to the deal that the Dubs could have matched to keep Anthony Morrow who was recently forced to sign with the Nets for 3 years, $12 million because the Warriors didn't choose to match the Net's offer. Aside from saving Chris Cohan $600K over the life of the three year deal, the Warriors say that they like the “defense” of Dorrell better. What a load of crap. I don’t know much about Dorrell other than he isn't worth owning in a 12 team fantasy basketball roto league so I can’t comment on his incredible defense. Last year his "defense" was good enough for Heat Coach Eric Spolstra to play him 20.8 minutes per game. Nice. But the Warriors are really saying they want Wright more than they wanted Morrow, which is insanely baffling.

Anthony Morrow is one of the purest shooters out there and he improved his rebounding and defense these past few years. They guy works hard on his game and is a good kid. Plus, he actually wanted to be a Warrior! So unless Riley and Nelson know something amazing about Dorrell that the everyone else in the basketball word doesn't, then this situation is BS. Another genius move by the Warrior management. There’s nothing wrong with Morrow and he should have stayed to enjoy new Warriors ownership and the new jerseys. But, of course, he was in Nellie's doghouse at the end of the year for reasons nobody knew except for Nellie's subconscious. And since I can read minds and look into Nellie's subconscious, this is what it said:

"Morrow isn't fully embracing this underdog roll and I just know that this kid wants to be paid more than me next year. Asshole. And I also don't like that gap in his front two teeth. Reggie Williams played his balls off and his contributions towards the D-League All Stars last season were incredible. Thankfully, nobody knows that any competent pro basketball player would have thrived in that bullshit system I threw out there at the end of last season. Ha! Hell, even Anthony Tolliver looked like a legitimate NBA player and that guy is an idiot. But Reggie Williams is better so my recommendation to Rowell and Cohan right before I retired to, I mean, left for Maui was to let Morrow go and keep Reggie. They will love me for it because it will save a boatload of cash. Score another financial victory for Donald! Damn, this is some good scotch."

Cohan better sell already. This is getting ridiculous.

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