Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NY Hip Hoppers for LeBron

DJ Don Cannon is all over the mixtape world. Record companies pay DJ Cannon to put out a mixtape of their artist to the internet world to pump up the hype for the artist's eventual and legal album (mixtapes routinely rip off music with new lyrics of said artist and are seen as pirated and bootleg items). Knicks owner James Dolan must have hired DJ Cannon to drop these tunes for LeBron James with more than subtle hints of how great it would be if he played for the Knicks. Heck, rap isn't that subtle. These dudes are pretty literal about such topics as how much money LeBron would make, how many titles he'd win and how much skrill he'd make. And I'm pretty sure that money and skrill are the same thing. Very creative.

Choice and Broadside Ballads by schleppy

(only the 1st three tracks are about LBJ)

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