Friday, July 23, 2010

Warriors Sign Jeremy Lin

Palo Alto native and Harvard Graduate Jeremy Lin (un-drafted) signs a two year deal with the Warriors to back up Steph Curry at Point Guard. So, what's the big deal you ask? Well, he's full blooded Asian (half Taiwanese, half Chinese). But isn't Yao Ming a "full Asian"? You're right. But Jeremy Lin is Asian AMERICAN....and that's huge. Especially in the Bay Area. This could be the Warrior's 2nd smartest move of the off season.

Already popular in the Asian-American community as a cult figure, Lin made more of a name for himself recently by outplaying John Wall in Vegas Summer League:

Did you see the way Lin plays? Wreckless abandon. Quick as hell. But he moves away from the typical "stereotypes" by being 6'3", having serious hops, and truly owning the court. He has an NBA point guard body and the right mind frame. You can just tell with NBA players: some are more passive and others really own their time on the court. Lin owns the floor to the best of his abilities when he plays.

Here are Lin's Harvard Highlights. Mute the music and enjoy the show:

Now I'm not being insensitive when I say that there are a lot of Asian Americans who love the NBA and basketball in general. Just check out how huge The Dream League is.

Jeremy Lin will be a Uniter. His likeness will rally many people to the Warriors, especially if he plays well. And that is a great thing.

"He held a the high draft pick, I think his name was John Wall, to under 20% shooting in the game." I love the enthusiasm of this kid, chuckle and his lack of NBA knowledge, and hope that he gets on board to be a crazy Warriors fan.

Here's Lin after his Warrior workout earlier in the week.

If Lin gets ample playing time and is successful with the Warriors, it will be interesting to see who will have the bigger cult following: Lin or Omri Casspi? Like Omri, Lin is going to burst through the stereotypes by being a tough as nails player. It should be an interesting topic to follow as both of the NBA Cultural Cult Heroes are playing for the two Northern California teams.

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