Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chris Paul is Fcuking Up

Woj fires off another doozie with startling insight. This time, the look is into Chris Paul's quickly deteriorating legacy as he demands a trade from The NOLA Hornets forced by World Wide Wes and those two dicks LBJ and Maverick Carter.


CP3, seriously. Did you not see the LeBacle? Isn't the most toxic thing in free agency at the moment aligning yourself with LBJ's "team" of idiots?


Kyle Mountain said...

True true... Apparently LeBrons people are telling him to go somewhere else which is a disgrace. Now, he's joining the other clowns who think it's ok to just jump from team to team looking for a ring

The Nextian said...

Leaving NOLA would tarnish all that is Chris Paul. I'm sure there will be more stories coming about how World Wide Wes and Maverick Carter are trying to construct the NBA.

The Nextian said...
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