Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warriors vs. Lakers 3/15/10

Let's face it: Steph Curry is the man. Our now fearless Rookie took it as hard as he could at the Defending Champ Lakers and pushed the frentic Warriors style of "no rebounding but let's get some steals and run!" to the extreme. And it almost worked...

I know that Monta was ice-cold this game from the field. But does he really need to keep jacking up jumpers all game long (5/23)? I didn't mind the one he finally hit in transition at the end of the game, but I'm beginning to think that Monta just won't learn the game of basketball. Would trading him for Thabeet and Mayo have been a good call? Games like this make me think so.

But lets get back to praising Step. This is what the Laker's blog Silver Screen and Roll had to say about him:

"Stephen Curry is a rock star. I'm not sure I really understood that before tonight's game, a frantic and garbled 124 to 121 Lakers win over the Golden State Warriors, but I do now, and I apologize to him for being late to the party. The kid has an amazing suite of basketball skills, and I fully expect him to torture the Lakers throughout the coming decade.

Tonight he came achingly close to powering the Dubs to an upset. Curry scored 29 points on 73% True Shooting and distributed nine assists, delicious numbers even in a 100-possession NBA Jam game. No one on the Lakers could guard him. Not Shannon Brown, and most certainly not Derek Fisher. Despite running the offense on almost every possession he was on the floor, Curry committed zero turnovers. With three seconds left and Golden State down only three, he danced away from Fish for a clean look from 26 feet that was perfectly on line but just a touch long. The Lakers were lucky to survive the rook's magnificent performance."

People are loving this kid!

Lastly, Kobe Bryant continues to show his bitch side with this quote after the game on National TV (ESPN):

“You’re not going to see anything remotely close to this in the playoffs,” he said. “Not even close. There’s nothing you can gauge in this game. You just get out of here with a win and move on.”

I know that he's right but he's just such a bitch. Man, I love to hate this guy!

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