Thursday, March 18, 2010

NBAers at The Olympic Club

The Olympic Club is a little organization in San Francisco. It is the oldest athletic club in the US of A and yours truly, The OG Nextian, is a cherished member. For a hefty monthly fee, I enjoy such membership benefits as basketball leagues, the ability to pay for food and drinks at the cafe, access to some sweet golf courses where I can pay to play golf at restricted times, and getting on the distro list for the basketball program. Check out some cool pics of NBAers at The OC!

The guy on the left is one of our all-time basketball greats at the OC. Kevin used to play for the Bucs back in the day and he probably battled Jackson a few times. I think Phil is wearing makeup. He's so LA now.

Mit, the guy on the right, is not in the NBA. But Chris Bosh, the Raptor-like man on the right who plays for The Raptors, is. Mit is a pretty dope scorer in the top level OC League but something tells me that Bosh can still take him.

The OC Basketball Staff all leached on to Kobe.........who of course was wearing his stunna shades. Douche!

Fidel runs the basketball leagues at The OC. He is short. Dirk plays PF for the Dallas Mavericks. He is tall.

A few OC Staff members pose with CP3. His eyes are so dreamy.

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