Saturday, March 27, 2010

Warriors vs. Grizzlies (3.24.10)

Orangino's edit gives us a nice look into the energy that the Warriors are putting out there as this lost season winds down. From D-Leaguers playing their asses off to Steph Curry developing into a great point guard, there are definitely some positive take aways here. The Dubs did lay the smack down on the 9th place team in the West, even though they are missing Gasol The Younger:

You may have also noticed from the clip that the rOracle crowd was really into the action. This no doubt comes from the revelation that majority owner Cohan is moving forward with selling the team. And though you can't tell the fans to stay home and chill out, you know that this type of enthusiasm is driving up the sell price that Gigalo Partners is using in the billionaire bidding war. Oh well. I'm sure Ellison is stressed too much over an extra ten mil here or there.

Speaking of billionaire's, check out the Nets new majority owner on the hardwood. I'm wondering if Prokhorov could beat Cuban 1 on 1? This 60 Minutes interview is on tomorrow (3.28.10)

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