Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jonas Jerebko's Parents

6'10" Jonas Jerebko of the Detroit Pistons has been a surprise this year as a rookie. He's averaging 9 points, pulling down 5.6 boards while shooting almost 50% from the field and has been playing better as a starter for the past 15 games. I didn't bother to look up his PER or his Adjusted +/- so I apologize for that.

Jonas the first Swedish born basketball player drafted into the NBA and was picked in the 2nd Round by Joe Dumars, 39th overall. The national media hasn't made as much of a fuss about his Swedish roots as they have about Omri Casspi's partly due to the fact that Swedish people can give a shit about the NBA. Israeli's, on the other hand, are absolutely mad about basketball and are waking up as a country at 4:30 am to watch Omri lose another game on the Kings.

But even if Sweden doesn't care, Jonas' parents do. Here's his mom rooting for her son in yet another Piston's loss last night to the Celtics.

This picture is funny because it reminds me of when my brother used to wear a turtle neck under his basketball jersey in 4th grade. That is all.

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