Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Allen Iverson's New Career

It appears as if Allen Iverson's late nights of drinking and gambling have finally caught up with him. We are led to believe that this is at least part of the reason AI's wife Tawana recently filed for divorce. Such a convenient time for Steven A. Smith to write this story bashing AI, don't you think?

Tawana's gravy train came to a screeching halt. Not only is their daughter suffering from a strange and mysterious illness, but AI is no longer a star. Quick! Put the "Post Allen Iverson Career Plan" into motion. Time to call the lawyer.

Lucrative multi-million dollar contracts won't be signed anymore as the prime years of AI's NBA athlete earning power are over. Tawana, now's the time to get half of that money before the bank account starts drying up like Antoine Walker's. Right? Some call her mean and insensitive. I call her smart.

(Wait a second, no one has called her mean and insensitive? No one has put the pieces together? You actually believe that Steven A. Smith cares about AI? Have you seen this guy on TV?)

AI's career is effectively over and a good portion of his fortune will be in his ex-wife's hands (minus whatever expense Tawana paid Steven A Smith to write the above Philadelphia Inquirer article on Monday). So let's help Mr. Iverson figure out what his next step should be.

Maybe AI's new career can be "artist". No, no. Not a "40 Bars" type lyrical artist, silly. He's already tried that move and everyone knows that the music industry is all but dead due to the pirates. I'm talking about an artist that draws stuff for a living. It sounds like Iverson has some serious skill in that regard. Now that sounds like a plan!

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