Friday, March 26, 2010

Arenas Sh*t In His Own Shoes

It's that point in the story when all of us already know that Gilbert Arenas avoided jail time with a relatively lenient sentencing of 20 days in a half-way house and 400 hours of community service from threatening Javaris Crittendon with unloaded guns. Gilbert appears a humble being and is probably dead-smack in the middle of learning and growing up as still a relatively young man. And instead of boring you with ESPN links to info on the situation (oops), I would like you to direct your attention to Jake Appleman of SLAM Magazine. From his revelation that he almost wrote a robust article detailing the NBA Media through the treatment of Gil-Zero, to the awesome links to other pertinent Hibachi breakdowns/articles, the fact is that Jake's is just one damn good piece.

UPDATE 3/28/10: check out True Hoops' Arenas piece. Nice work with that text message Gil!

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