Thursday, October 9, 2008


I imagine the official blog of We Got Next starting off with humble roots: Picture a 70/25/4/1 percentage split of posting done by Cam/Had/Matt/Bilbo. But then as the content gets better, the opinions become entertaining and the analysis contains unique thoughts; everyone will start to post. And by everyone I mean all 12 of us minus Pablo and Toomy who aren't creative and don't really care.

Will we ever make it to stage 2 (where outsiders read our crap)? I don't know. But at least we'll be able to entertain eachother for the 08/09 Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball Season.

And for those of you who think there would actually be a step 3 (make money off of blog), you are fucking crazy.

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Hyland said...

only 4 percent for me huh? You know how dope When Keg Stands Go Wrong was at its prime. Ask Tommy....Assssskkkk Toooommmmyyyy