Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Evidence Delonte West is crazy. For Real!!

I don't think that Delonte is eligible for any crazy points since he has been actually diagnosed with having a mental illness. He's got a doctor's note, it's cool, right?

I remember watching these videos last year and thinking that there was seriously something wrong in Denmark because he is a seriously weird cat.

Here is my ode to the firecrotched brother known as Lip Fungus. The 2nd one is so far off the reservation it is amazing he was able to function in the real world. Oh wait(he said in Buffalo Bill voice), he was in the NBA, nowhere near the real world.

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Monta's Moped said...

Some of my favorite quotes include:

"This is the cup that I love. I love it because it is a cup. I was going to say something but I'm gonna get myself in troubles.
That's for my Tommy Points.
In Israel, they know about beachin'.
I take long walks and like to ride my horse. I like to paint murals. The ocean I see beyond the horizon.
In order to love the brotherman you gotta love the otherman.
My freelance might seem crazy to some people.
20 years from now you're gonna see me ridin' in a drop top Hummer butt naked with some ankle socks on with a Boston Celtics headband on driving from Boston to California. And some neon green Chuck Taylors.
Who would I be for one day? It's gotta be Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny is the smoovest doood evah.
I been paid about a $1000 in tolls on the Mass Pike to get to Albuquerque.
You can't kill a G. Bugs bunny is a G."