Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello World

what up nextians.  thanks to cameron for setting this up again.  and an even bigger thank you to Greg Hyland for keeping the Note in a job where he can spend 18 hours a day running fantasy leagues, scouring the net for useless NBA information and making blog posts on an array of topics - everything from BD and Steve Nash's man-love to an unnatural hate for Hefty.  

i wish i could make it up to the gay area to school you retards on the hardwood.  maybe it will happen this year.  


Monta's Moped said...

Shouldn't you be spending time with your family instead of blogging, Jeff? Wait, shouldn't I be doing the same instead of posting at 11:30 pm?

Hyland said...

I haven't even picked up a skeet ball in 6 months, but will still "pack" all yall on D!