Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gilbert's New Invetion

Thank you TrueHoop: Gilbert talking to SLAM: "I've got an invention. I'll let your hear it, but if you make money you've gotta hit me off. SLAM: I got you. It's called the Cool Aid (note: I couldn't tell if he said Cool Aid or Cool Wave. Either way, copyright pending...) It's like the microwave, but the Cool Aid. So for instance you can put a warm soda in the machine and boom, it's cold. Most people, "Oh no, you call that the freezer, but nah, the freezer takes two minutes. Just like you've got the oven and the microwave, you've got the freezer and the Cool Aid. SLAM: But what else would you want to make cool besides soda? Gil: Anything. Like if your ice cream is melting, boom, put it in. Beep!"

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