Tuesday, October 21, 2008

T-Minus 2.5 Hours Until Go-Time

What goes through one's head on the day of the draft? Staying focused at work becomes a problem. Last minute scouring of ESPN NBA, Yahoo and CBS Sportsline looking for that last sleeper or bust to avoid only add to the anticipation. Having gameplans to draft specific players at certain times are almost always busted as another manager who read the same article that you did picks "your guy" two picks earlier. This can totally fuck up a draft and cause you to pick someone you did not need. Having an idea of how many 3's, points, blocks, steals, assists you need to win is good, but getting too analytical on numbers only cause you to draft Ricky Davis in the 8th round.

Let's face it, drafting is probably the single most important time to develop a viable fantasy squad. Some managers are better at drafting than others while some dillholes just get plain lucky/pull a Hinkey. All I know is that I've dumped twice as much as normal today. At my client meeting, I accidentally called the CEO named "Ken" Kobe. Looking forward to cracking that chilled Mickey's in the 3rd round......

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