Thursday, October 7, 2010

Warrior Open Practice 2010

Things are happy in Warrior land.  I've read few "experts" predict 49 and 50 wins for the Dubs this year.  I've also read a few who said 19 to 25 wins but I don't listen to those guys.  A new owner, a new coach, and a rebuilt roster have put smiles on people's pre-season faces.  Can't you just feel the good karma in the air?

The annual rookie right of passage took place after open practice last night.  Warrior Rookies had to dance the Dougie, sing happy birthday to Brandan Wright, and were presented with their season backpacks and lunchboxes as apart of the hazing ritual for first years.  Enjoy the video below:

A few other things I'm digging from the Open Practice. 1) I like how Monta is MC'ing the rookie hazing. That shows some leadership. 2) David Lee totally doesn't want to be there. 3) Curry was too busy to participate because he was signing autographs. 4) Reggie Williams is still considered a rookie?

Good times, Warrior fans.

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